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Earth-Escape hard copy

Earth-Escape hard copy

Earth-Escape Publisher's Description

Earth Escape describes the basics of the structure of a Galactic System wherein the Hologram of Reality takes place and how it can be, tampered with. This module includes the phenomena of 'Alien Visitation' and their entry point via a particular spiral configuration. It also introduces an understanding of the structure upon which our reality manifests, the missing realms that lead to soul freedom and the lost knowledge upon which true practices are founded. In ancient times, just as in current times, only the inner groups were taught the actual atomic structure of 'Creation Physics'. Learn of Portals and the biological preparation to Travel through them, pre-history Alien Contact, Pyramids, Ley Lines, the Lotus, Sacred Geometry, and atomic Twin Towers, the Grid system of this galaxy, the Christos /crystalline matrix, current UFO activity and Vortex Mechanics. There are other alignment sources beside the Eternal System but these other sources are not eternal. Many anomalies are put into a dynamic new perspective. The Maji and an Ancient Atomic Science model beyond the understanding of the Unified Field of Quantum Mechanics? Does this lost information finally provide the structure of our reality according to a forgotten Cosmic Blueprint.

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